Canadian Office

Galcom International Canada’s radio ministry team works hard to establish overseas partnerships for radio orders, they produce radios and ship them throughout the world. They also design and install low powered FM radio stations throughout the world. Not only do we have hard working staff but we use volunteers as well. Our volunteers serve faithfully week after week along side of our staff in our production area. We praise God for them! If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Galcom office for information.

  • Rev. Allan and Florrie McGuirl – Founders
  • Rev. Tim Whitehead, CMA CPA – Executive Director
  • Jennifer Sheldrick – Development Coordinator
  • Jessica Harris – Executive Assistant
  • Andrea McGuirl – Accountant
  • Michelle Cope – Ministry Partner Coordinator
  • Alastair & Shelley Wyatt – Outreach Coordinators
  • Stephen Moore – Production Technician
  • Faye Whatford – Production Administrator
  • Cheryl Gruener – Receptionist/Secretary
  • Dave Casement – Broadcast Technician




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