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  Tanzania Flood relief

Last year Pastor Jovin of Kahama, Tanzania contacted Galcom International requesting help in the establishment of a Christian Radio Station. With a low literacy rate and a widely disbursed population, radio is the best way for the small group of Christians to reach the thousands living in their region. Galcom partners provided the funds for the Tanzania flood 2015studio and broadcast equipment and the team left from North America on Sunday March 1st to perform the installation.

On March 3rd, torrential rains hit the Kahama region destroying approximately 200 homes and killing 50.Tanzania flood2

Crops are damaged, power is intermittent and dozens are injured. The people of Kahama need to know where to turn to receive vital information on availability of clean water, medical aid, food and most of all hope. The radio station will be on the air this month, but with the damage to infrastructure it is unknown when electrical power will be restored to many of the worst affected areas.

Galcom solar powered, fix-tuned radios are the best way for this vital information, broadcast by Pastor Jovin and his team on this brand new Christian radio station, to get to the listeners. They will hear where they can take sick and injured loved ones, where than can receive food and water, where they can get news of other family members who they haven’t heard from and most of all they will receive a message of hope that God does love them, knows what has happened and is there to help.

Galcom solar powered, fix-tuned ImpaX players, are preloaded with the Bible in Swahili and locked on to Pastor Jovin’s radio station. Just $30 gives a family an ImpaX player. Our goal is to provide an ImpaX to 200 families affected by the flooding. Please help us give hope today!Tanzania flood

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