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John Haanappel and Wayne Hill installed solar panels on this roof in Togo in September 2017. They will provide power to run a Christian radio station there.

Galcom International installs radio stations and distributes radios through short term mission trips worldwide. Going on a missions trip can be a life changing experience. It makes you take a risk, step out in faith and allows God to use your life to make an impact on others.

Using the tool of  solar-powered fix-tuned radios with audio Bibles on them, Galcom International makes it possible for people all over the world who otherwise might never be reached, to hear the Word of God.

Galcom will provide all the travel information you need as well as the tools you need to help you raise the prayer support and funds for your trip.

Thousands of lives have been changed as God’s Word is faithfully preached in the language of the hearer through the use of solar-powered, fix-tuned radios with audio Bibles. There are still thousands more who are thirsty for that same opportunity; to hear the Gospel.

You can change lives by handing out radios or installing a Christian radio station.

Some upcoming Mission trips for 2018:

If you would like to give online towards a mission trip, here is the link: https://www.imakeanonlinedonation.org/galcom/GD/   Be sure to specify to whom the money should be designated.


David Casement and John Haanappel installing solar panels in Liberia.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for this installation of solar panels for a Christian radio station in Liberia in January/February. God heard your prayers and answered and now this Christian radio station can use the sun to broadcast about the Son of God and many more can come to know Christ because of the extended hours of the radio station.

Galcom is partnering with Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville  https://harvestoakville.ca/  to send a couples’ team to Haiti from April 8 – 15, 2018. This will be the first couples trip that Galcom sends out. The team will be going to deliver and distribute solar-powered fix-tuned radios with audio Bibles on them in Haitian Creole. Galcom works with 4VEH, the Evangelical Voice of Haiti, which is ministry of One Mission Society.

To give towards this trip online: https://www.imakeanonlinedonation.org/galcom/GD/

For applications: Application form Short Term Volunteer 2 Waiver3-Pastor Ref ST2-Character Ref ST (3)

Some Quechua children in Peru where this team is going in September.

In September we are planning a radio/audio Bible distribution team to work with Runa Simi http://runasimi.com/
They work among the Quechua in Ayacucho, Peru. We will go from village to village distributing solar-powered audio Quechua Bibles with teaching on them. We are working with Darryl Charlton and a team from Bethel Baptist Church in Strathroy, Ontario.

To give towards this trip online: https://www.imakeanonlinedonation.org/galcom/GD/  
Applications:  http://www.galcom.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Application-form-Short-Term-Volunteer-2.pdf

Keep checking this page as we are working on other mission trips!  Please pray as these plans are made that God will lead and guide and His will will be done for God’s glory.

Station Installation Opportunities:

We are working on projects for next year! Stay tuned for updates on this, maybe it will your chance to go and install a radio station around the world.

We need people who are able to climb towers, install solar panels, do electrical work and/or set up the computer side of the radio station. Get your name on our stand by list to install a station. The schedule depends on funding and licensing in the country where the station will be installed. You will be contacted as the need arises. Here is a link to the applications, waiver and references. Application form Short Term Volunteer 2    Waiver    3-Pastor Ref ST   2-Character Ref ST (3)





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