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 Galcom International installs radio stations and distributes radios through short term mission trips worldwide. Going on a missions trip can be a life changing experience. It makes you take a risk, step out in faith and allows God to use your life to make an impact on others.

Using the tool of  solar powered fix-tuned radios with audio Bibles on them, Galcom International makes it possible for people all over the world who otherwise might never be reached, to hear the Word of God. We are God’s hands and feet, trying to reach hearts with the gospel by radio.

Galcom will provide all the travel information you need as well as tools to help you raise the funds for your trip.

Thousands of lives have been changed as God’s Word is faithfully preached in the language of the hearer through the use of fix-tuned radios with audio Bibles. There are still thousands more who are thirsty for that same opportunity; to hear the Gospel.

You can change lives by handing out radios or installing a Christian radio station.

Some upcoming Mission trips:


Clive Welsh in Lighthouse Radio station


On October 14th Galcom held its annual appreciation banquet. Clive Welsh from Lighthouse Radio gave his testimony and shared about the work that he is doing in Belize. People generously gave to make solar-powered, fix-tuned radios called ImpaX players with English and Spanish audio Bibles on them for this ministry.  http://www.lighthouseradio.org

On Monday morning after the banquet we were in the office talking with Clive, and we realized that he needed some radio station repairs as well as the radios. Because of this a team of five men are going to Belize from December 7—14th to deliver and distribute the ImpaX players and repair the radio station before Christmas. These five men will each be carrying in 100 ImpaX players with them, which makes a total of 500. How exciting to know that at Christmas this year many more people will be able to hear the story of Jesus Christ coming into the world by listening to these radios.

Pray for the hearts of the people who will be receiving the radios to be ready and open to hear God’s Word. Pray for wisdom and for safety as the station repairs are done.

We are hoping to put together  another team in February to take more ImpaX players into Belize for Clive and his radio ministry. Let us know if you would you like to be part of that team!

Next year:

Please pray for us as we plan Galcom distribution trips for next year. Pray for God’s leading in timing and the logistics of the trips. We are planning mission trips to Haiti, to Belize, to Bolivia, to Albania and to Guatemala. Please email shelley@galcom.org or alastair@galcom.org for more information.

Station Installation Opportunities:

We are working on projects for next year! Stay tuned for updates on this, maybe it will your chance to go and install a radio station around the world.

We need people who are able to climb towers, install solar panels, do electrical work and/or set up the computer side of the radio station. Get your name on our stand by list to install a station. The schedule depends on funding and licensing in the country where the station will be installed. You will be contacted as the need arises. Contact Alastair or Shelley Wyatt for an application or for further details.




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