Emergency Radio OmniStation

After recent natural disasters in New Orleans, Haiti, and the Philippines, Galcom has been asked to support relief efforts with communication equipment. When power lines are down, how can victims receive vital information on where to find clean water, food, or medical attention? Galcom has distributed thousands of solar-powered, fix-tuned radios to supply people with the means to hear important emergency broadcasts. What happens when broadcasting operations are down as well?

Introducing the OmniStation, an all-in-one solution for emergency broadcasting. In less than an hour, this microphone-to-antenna solution can be on the air. Main studio

and broadcast components are contained in a rugged air shippable box (2 box option). Comes with high-gain omnidirectional antenna and collapsible mast. Runs on 110/230 AC, 24 VDC, or solar.


  • 50 or 150 watt transmitter
  • CD/SD/USB player
  • 8 channel mixer
  • Computer
  • Audio processor
  • Monitor speakers
  • 2 microphones and stands
  • headphones
  • Antenna, mast and co-ax




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