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Installing antenna

Installing antenna

Galcom International has helped over one hundred low power radio stations by researching, designing, outsourcing and installing towers, transmitters and studios. We custom design every project to the unique conditions and needs of our ministry partners.


Depending on circumstances Galcom uses various tower solutions from ‘masts’, to free standing to guyed towers.


Galcom International technicians can help determine what type of antenna can maximize the broadcast range for your area. Propagation studies are done to show potential range over a given landscape. The radio transmission antenna is as important to quality transmission as any other part of the radio station.


Galcom’s Cornerstone tx contains a basic studio with on board mixing, and inputs for mics, computer, MP3 or CD. Great for missionaries involved in other work for airing pre recorded programming or limited live broadcasts. Set it and forget it. Galcom sources only the best value (high quality, low cost) equipment available on the market for larger ‘professional’ studios. Contact us for a price list for all your studio needs.




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